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pottery shop in Siena

Rosalba’s Store

It all started 30 years ago: a small souvenir shop of 16 square meters that sold postcards, guides and a tiny collection of Sienese majolicas and Etruscan imitations. The introduction of the Contrade and then because the pottery tradition had nearly disappeared from Siena, the attention was dedicated to the nearby Deruta who still hosted many artisans.
Considering the small footage of the shop, it was then decided to concentrate more thoroughly on quality items rather than simple souvenirs. 
The relocation in the middle of the 90s to the existing situation, allowed us to increase the variety of objects exposed: we visited different centres of excellence for ceramics in Italy such as Montelupo Fiorentino, Castelli in Abruzzo, Caltagirone in Sicily, Vietri on the Amalfi Coast and Bassano, always searching for pieces (to place side by side with the black and white, the Contrade and the Deruta collections) that could raise the interest of our customers (mainly with an international profile).
Today, our compromise is to collaborate above all with local artisans and we are studying with the local craftsmen on how to revamp the production of objects decorated following the ancient Sienese ceramics tradition. This tradition is included amongst the most prestigious and fine examples of Italian Renaissance pottery, today only admirable in museums.
decorated ceramic plate


We are happy to provide you with further information on our products and to help you customize your orders thanks to the availability of our potters.

majolica dish deruta

Our story

From an initial tiny souvenir store to a reference point of art and quality: Rosalba’s taste for elegance.

majolica in siena

The Art

Pottery is an ancient art and tradition that is transferred from one generation to the other and is available
to constant evolutions. Knowing and respecting the ceramist masters is the starting point to create and
establish a unique style.

negozio maioliche siena

The culture

The translation into pottery of the marquetry of the Duomo’s pavement, of the Contrade of Siena and the Renaissance: the senese vocation in the exchange of artisans and artist from different origins.

ceramiche artistiche


Replicas and manufacturing of high-quality pieces of art: for over 30 years, Rosalba has been selecting for her Clients only the finest majolica’s and relies on the professional expertise of skilled ceramists


The attention and dedication towards all manufacturing phases of an object, from its creation to its final decoration. Deciding to rely on skilled ceramists and craftsmen means learning to appreciate and love beauty.


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