Deruta Ceramics

ceramiche deruta
ceramiche artistiche deruta
maioliche deruta
arte ceramica deruta

Tradition of ceramic art in Deruta

The Umbrian Tradition

Deruta is famous worldwide for its enamelled ceramics. The fame it has, is thanks to the ability of the ceramist that live in this small town in Umbria and the heritage they have been able to maintain thru the centuries in the production and decoration of hand painted majolica’s.
High quality ceramist, turners, painters that from one generation to the other have been able to convey the latest techniques, in order to reach excellence in the production.
Today we collaborate with some of the best ceramics workshops in Deruta. Not only for what concerns the traditional decors of the renaissance period but also for the ability of these master ceramist that have been able to bring from the past the best lessons learnt and have translated them into the present with modern solutions in terms of techniques and taste.