Fine Art Ceramics in Siena

senese black and white majolica

Senese Black and White

This collection is inspired by the magnificent paving of the Duomo of Siena. The traditional majolica uncovers evolutions and chromatic studies.


Contrade of Siena

Plates, glasses, cups, and trays with the traditional decors of the Contrade of Siena. The majolica’s of this collection are inspired by the Palio of Siena and the pieces are finely elaborated by our master ceramist.

Deruta Ceramics

From the collaboration with the best ceramist masters in Deruta, we have designed our collection of majolica’s inspired by Renaissance embellishments and decors.

blue deruta ceramics

Blue Acanthus

The decorative element of this collection of Deruta ceramics, is the Acanthus a genre of plants commonly present in ornaments and foliage decorations.

Botanica collection of maiolica


A collection of majolica’s that glorify the elements of nature; the embellishments enclose the traditional colours and essences of our land.

riproduzioni artistiche collection

Riproduzioni Artistiche

Moving from the masterpieces of the Italian classical painting, this collection includes a series of polychrome and monochrome reproductions of sacred images.