Contrade of Siena


The city of Siena inside its medieval walls is divided historically in 17 Contrade (Districts) each one with its own emblem, colours, mottos and well-defined territory. These entities are managed as not for profit organizations with each one their own elected representative bodies. Each Contrada has its own Statute and Guidelines and intense social activity during the whole year during which the members actively participate. The highest moment of the life of each Contrada is when the famous worldwide known Palio race takes place. Our workshops produce plates, cups, glasses, trays with the traditional decors and motives of the Contrade. The coloured garnishes of the Contrade are available in the traditional version that is loyal to the original symbolism and in a more modern key that focuses on the colours of each one and relay’s on newer painting techniques. A traditional collection of senese ceramics for the lovers of the one kind history of Siena.